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With Legal Aid going many individuals may seek to undertake the divorce themselves, here is a very basic guide where couples have agreed. If in any doubt then please contact me. STEP 1 Warning: If you are not domiciled or … Continue reading

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The End of the World and insurance premiums!

Is it coincidence that the recent ruling by the European Court of Justice that forced the UK to enact legislation to ensure that all forms of insurance cover comply with gender neutral pricing from 21.12.12, the same day as the … Continue reading

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Personal Injury (PI) and Clinical Negligence settlements and divorce.

My marriage is breaking down, what will happen to my personal injury damages? Now that I have joined a Barcan Woodward a Firm specialising in PI and Clinical Negligence claims I am seeing more clients who ask this question. The … Continue reading

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43 days since my last………

I am reminded that it is now 43 days since my last blog post, so apologies for committing the social media faux pas and failing to notify my followers of my time out of action. Rain has fallen for the … Continue reading

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Divorce tourists choose London.

One in six divorce cases going through the British courts at the moment involve a foreign national. With high-profile settlements such as the upholding of Ms Radmacher’s pre-nuptial agreement in the Supreme Court, Frances Gibb has reported in the Times this week … Continue reading

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The great paintbrush debate!

Do you clean your paintbrush after use or bin it? In an extremely rare moment today I was persuaded by my wife to do some painting, not a great amount just the high bits she couldn’t reach. I hate DIY with … Continue reading

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Is it doom and gloom for today’s twenty somethings?

Married, divorced, no children and no house are just some of the pressures and life experiences that today’s twenty somethings are going through according to the recently published statistics. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) reported that couples in their … Continue reading

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