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A divorce lawyer, a husband and father of two daughters. A cricket captain and Southampton football fan. A specialist in advising UK expat couples about separation and divorce.

Cohabiting? Thinking of Cohabiting? Then read on…

During February the national press was awash with articles highlighting the case of 69 year old Joy Williams and fresh calls for the reform of Cohabitation laws. It coincided with the House of Commons Library publishing a briefing paper “Common … Continue reading

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What’s the story?

  Some might say, the 8 year marriage of Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appleton may be just another column of gossip in the tabloids.  However, their divorce proceedings do have implications for financial proceedings arising out of divorce for other … Continue reading

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Marriage is here to stay.

Further to my post Could this be the end of marriage  it would appear not after the High Court today rejected the claims of Ms Steinfeld and Mr Keidan to change the law to allow them to enter a civil partnership. … Continue reading

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Apology from Ministry of Justice over Form E error.

Shortly before Christmas my colleague Sarah Green posted an article Form E frenzy – a storm in a teacup upon LinkedIn regarding the media frenzy over the fact that a software error had been picked up in the Court produced … Continue reading

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Could this be the end of marriage?

Over the next two days the High Court in London will consider whether a heterosexual couple can enter into a civil partnership. So far, civil partnerships have only been available to same-sex couples. Charles Keidan and Rebecca Steinfeld are asking the court … Continue reading

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Unbundled services in family cases supported by Court of Appeal

The recent case of Minkin v Landsberg (Practising as Barnet Family Law) [2015] EWCA Civ 1152 recognises the inevitability of family practitioners providing ‘unbundled’ and bespoke services in the wake of legal aid cuts. The facts Mr & Mrs Minkin … Continue reading

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Divorcees must act fast to protect pension earmarking order

The front page of today’s Daily Telegraph warns that those with pension earmarking orders should take urgent advice to ensure that any financial order obtained in divorce or judicial separation proceedings adequately protects their interests. An unexpected consequence of the … Continue reading

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