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Could this be the end of marriage?

Over the next two days the High Court in London will consider whether a heterosexual couple can enter into a civil partnership. So far, civil partnerships have only been available to same-sex couples. Charles Keidan and Rebecca Steinfeld are asking the court … Continue reading

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Enforcement of Family Financial Orders

On 11th March 2015, the Law Commission published a consultation paper on the enforcement of family financial orders in England and Wales. The Commission had been told that the current enforcement proceedings were “hopelessly complex and procedurally tortuous”. The laws … Continue reading

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Act now or end up paying! Legal Aid is going!

This is serious! Legal aid for almost everything is going from 1st April, this means that unless you are in the system now, there is a strong possibility that you could lose out. I appreciate that making a decision to … Continue reading

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Make Sure it is not the season to make lawyers jolly!

Traditionally the media will have you believe that all relationships breakdown over the Christmas period and that the first week of January is boom time for us family lawyers with 7th January touted as D-Day (Divorce Day) Many relationships do … Continue reading

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Personal Injury (PI) and Clinical Negligence settlements and divorce.

My marriage is breaking down, what will happen to my personal injury damages? Now that I have joined a Barcan Woodward a Firm specialising in PI and Clinical Negligence claims I am seeing more clients who ask this question. The … Continue reading

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Legal definition of “NEEDS” on divorce!

The Law Commission launched a supplemental consultation paper last week with the aim of seeking to provide a legal definition of the term “needs”. Family lawyers have been used to running these arguments in courts for years but without specific … Continue reading

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Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements – A new business friend.

With the current economic climate, historic evidence would suggest an increase in the levels of marriage breakdown over the coming years.  Statistics have shown that divorces are up 5% from 2010. The recession generally puts financial strains upon marriages and … Continue reading

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