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What’s the story?

  Some might say, the 8 year marriage of Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appleton may be just another column of gossip in the tabloids.  However, their divorce proceedings do have implications for financial proceedings arising out of divorce for other … Continue reading

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Could this be the end of marriage?

Over the next two days the High Court in London will consider whether a heterosexual couple can enter into a civil partnership. So far, civil partnerships have only been available to same-sex couples. Charles Keidan and Rebecca Steinfeld are asking the court … Continue reading

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Mystery benefactors and legal costs

It is with great interest that I read about Michelle Young returning her divorce case to the High Court before Mr Justice Mostyn, not just because of the historical record maintenance package that she was awarded just over five years ago, … Continue reading

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UK Lottery ruling – Make sure you buy your own ticket!

In the High Court this week Mr Justice Mostyn gave what is believed to be the first reported UK ruling upon a National Lottery windfall and how it should be divided upon divorce. After a 25 year marriage during which the … Continue reading

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Chelsea v Arsenal in the Courts and not on the pitch.

The High Court began hearing evidence this week from Russian Oilgarch Boris Berezovsky and his claim for more than £3billion in damages from Chelsea football club owner Roman Abramovich. The massive claim has arisen out of a failed business venture between … Continue reading

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Inheritance – To share or not to share, the fairness of divorce settlements!

The High Court in London ruled on Friday that after a 25 year marriage the wife was entitled to less than 20% of the couples £24million pot which had been inherited by the husband. Mr Justice Moylan called this a generous settlement … Continue reading

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Indian legal changes make divorce easier

An amendment to India’s 1955 Marriage Act on 10th June by the Federal Government adds “irretrievable breakdown of marriage” as a possible ground for divorce. The amendment will make it easier for Hindus to divorce has been hailed by activists … Continue reading

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